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The Neverending Story
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Hi there!

This community is home base for a in-progress novel being written by many different authors. And yes, it's an awesome, ongoing event that anyone can join!

Okay, fine. So you've looked at the member's list. We've got two members as of this moment (besides the girl writing this (me), that is). So I definately need your help to make this brilliant idea a reality!

Basically, this whole thing shall begin with a single chapter. From that chapter, the story can go anywhere-- Each member has the opportunity to write the next chapter. Get what I'm saying? Anyone can post the next chapter to the story, taking it in any direction he or she pleases. We start with a really general plot introduced in the first chapter, and you can add all the symbolism, plot twists, new characters... You write where you want it to go. Capiche?

All I'm asking is nothing over PG-13, and let's make it something incredible that people would actually want to read. Realistic dialogue, some discernable amount of plot as it goes on, good descriptions, interesting sentences, actual grammatical correctness, SPELLCHECKED entries... Absolutely NO WrItInG LyKe tHiS or using the little asteriks for motion though, sorry. This is meant to be an actual, well written piece. Keep your chapters tasteful and well-written, else all the other members shall chase you and beat you with a dictionary or (if we're really ticked off) a thesaurus.

So--If you like to write and want a project that's going to be a lot of fun, join!

Please post an introduction with the first chapter you write, and make sure that you read the previously added chapters so that yours fits in and uses the correct character descriptions and what not...

Not intimidated yet? Join!